Carnation/Yellow Marigold Seeds (ph1)

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Product Details:

-Open pollinated seeds.

-Germination rate 85%.

-Purity 99%.

-Package includes planting instructions.

General plant information:

This plant is planted in gardens as a repellent against nematodes and other insects. It produces a large number of flowers that can be used for cuttings and decorations. Its growth is low, no more than 8" from the ground. Its duration is only 3 months.

Planting information:

Climate: Direct sun

Germination: 5-8 days

Depth: 1/2"

Distance: 4"-8"

Harvest: 50 days

Package: (approx. 50 seeds)

Guarantee: Seeds are living products that depend on many factors such as proper planting time and technique, planting depth, soil, suitable germination environment, fertility, disease control, insect control and a reasonable climate for direct sown seeds. If any of these factors are not correct, the seed may not work, and because most, if not all, are out of our control, most of the success of these seeds is in the hands of the grower. If they have been properly cared for and are still not growing, we will replace the seed, one time.