Mission and vision


Our main mission is to educate all Puerto Rican families about the art of organic planting and provide them with ecological and organic quality products to promote a healthy lifestyle. We want to provide every seed and plant the opportunity to become a healthy product through organic growing practices and, at the same time, facilitate access to nutritious and delicious foods through the sale of seeds, sprouted plants and related products.


In the near future, Cultivos Borinquen will not only be a supplier of agricultural products, but also an integral resource for the education and empowerment of people interested in agriculture in the context of home gardens. This vision will not only improve people's lives by promoting self-sufficiency and health in their home gardens, but will also contribute to the development and preparedness of their community.

Gracias a Ustedes

Cultivos Borinquen es una empresa netamente puertorriqueña y familiar que comenzó como un "hobby" y ha crecido hasta convertirse en un próspero negocio.