About us?

Cultivos Borinquen is a purely Puerto Rican and family business that began as a "hobby" and has grown to become a thriving business. Our love for agriculture and passion for offering high-quality organic products that are eco-friendly and GMO-free are the pillars of our existence.

We are proud to present a corner of agricultural knowledge and prosperity, from the town of Utuado, on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. We promote sustainable agricultural practices and teach the community about the importance of agriculture in our lives.

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture education and training is what sets us apart. We offer a wide range of services designed to positively impact institutions, companies and individuals.

Gracias a Ustedes

Cultivos Borinquen es una empresa netamente puertorriqueña y familiar que comenzó como un "hobby" y ha crecido hasta convertirse en un próspero negocio.