Business Description

Cultivos Borinquen specializes in the organization and delivery of planting workshops, in tune with the heritage, tradition and culture of Puerto Rico. These workshops can be aimed at educational institutions, companies or individuals interested in learning how to grow their own food organically, keeping alive the roots of the region's agricultural culture. The company selects products and agricultural practices that adhere to organic standards, in an effort to preserve the tradition of agriculture. This means that crops are grown without the use of chemical pesticides , promoting the production of healthier foods, in harmony with the island's agricultural heritage.

We offer a delivery service throughout the Island, making it easier for customers to obtain training and organic products for cultivation in institutions or at home. Cultivos Borinquen is committed to guaranteeing the quality of its products and plants, ensuring that Puerto Rican families can enjoy healthy and fresh foods in their own homes, thus enriching the culture of healthier eating.

Our motto is "Heritage , Tradition and Culture", we work hard to incorporate these values ​​into our business and into the lives of Puerto Ricans.

Gracias a Ustedes

Cultivos Borinquen es una empresa netamente puertorriqueña y familiar que comenzó como un "hobby" y ha crecido hasta convertirse en un próspero negocio.