Hawaiian Papaya Seeds (ph1)

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Product Details:

-Open pollinated seeds.

-Germination rate 85%.

-Purity 99%.

-Package includes planting instructions.

This fruit tree produces medium-sized round or oval papayas. Its flavor is sweet and its color is between pink and dark orange. The plant is a variety that was donated to us after Hurricane María. It starts to bear fruit from its 4 feet height. It is a more commercial and uniform variety ideal for the market. It likes well-drained soil, preferably with stones.

To play it safe, papayas should be planted in several plants because there is a 30% chance that the plants will grow male.

Planting information:

Climate: Direct Sun
Germination: 7-10 days
Depth: 1/4"
Distance: 1"
Harvest: 180 Days

Package (approximately 20 weeks)